Seasons in the garden

Discover the dynamic transformation of our garden across the four seasons, guided by both nature’s rhythms and our hands-on efforts. Through consistent photos taken every three months, we’ve chronicled the evolution of our garden’s design. Explore the photo galleries below to witness the tangible results of our permaculture garden’s growth and care.

#1 – Slope to the west

Here we work on the construction for a double-walled compost bin, but first a lot of weeds had to be removed and large stones dug off by hand.

#2 – Vegetable Garden

Our vegetable garden where there was nothing but stones and gravel to begin with. To make the vegetable beds, we dug out the subsoil gravel, stones and rocks to a depth of one metre. We then filled them with organic material, soil and compost from other parts of the garden.

#3 – South-facing corner

We built this fence to hold back the soil and it also serves as a climbing frame for blackberries and a blue grape. In front of it is a bed of strawberries and to the right grow blueberry bushes.

#4 – North-East side

We’re creating space for more fruit bushes and perennial vegetables on this shady side of the garden. The large stones we dug out now form an edge between the gravel and the plant border.

#5 – Fruit trees to the east

The south-east side of the garden borders a steep stone slope where shelter from the elements is much needed. We therefore create increasing islands of shrubs and fruit trees in the lawn.