Welcome to our Garden

Horticulture, the art and science of cultivating fruits, vegetables, and flowers, has been a passion of mine since childhood. While I initially pursued a path in marketing communications and later delved into graphic design, it was the allure of creating thriving gardens that truly resonated with me. Designing a garden is akin to crafting visual narratives, yet the collaboration with nature imparts a unique sense of fulfillment and equilibrium to one’s life.

Permaculture in Gardening

Gardening holds a vital role in Permaculture, particularly within the domain of Land and Nature Stewardship as illustrated in the Permaculture Flower on the right. Creating a sustainable culture involves applying ethics and design principles across seven domains, connected by a spiral path that begins at the personal and local levels, and expands to encompass the collective and global community.

Illustration of the Permaculture Flower, respectfully recreated by Ecotism.eu

In designing an ecological garden, my aim is to yield fresh fruits and vegetables for my family (guided by design principle no. 3 Obtain a Yield) while upholding the ethic of People Care. This endeavor aligns with other ethical values and design principles. For instance, the use of synthetic fertilizers contradicts the principle of Caring for the Earth. Instead, I focus on creating compost from organic materials like weeds and food scraps, harnessing renewable resources and producing zero waste (design principles no. 5 & 6 Use Renewable Resources and Produce No Waste).

The Design Process

Initiating the design of a permaculture garden commences with the first principle: Observe and Interact. This involves a thorough analysis of the location, recognizing that a garden’s dynamics vary significantly between seasons. Considerations encompass climate, altitude, the sun’s path, and proximity to the dwelling. It’s essential to optimize energy usage, placing herbs conveniently near the kitchen, where they are most frequently used. In the “Seasons in the Garden” section, you’ll find visual documentation of how we’re actively implementing permaculture principles.

Soil blocks for sowing
Garden in August ’23
Obtaining a yield

Map of the sun’s orbit