A Harvest to Remember: Tales from Our Kitchen Garden

As summer winds down, our garden offers a glimpse into the rewards of hard work and nature’s resilience. Despite an unexpectedly cool and wet season, our kitchen garden has thrived, presenting us with a diverse array of treasures. These yields are a testament to the joys and challenges of sustainable cultivation.

From the crisp crunch of hand-pickled gherkins to the golden glow of beeswax candles, our garden has gifted us a diverse bounty that we’re eager to share. Join us on a visual journey through our flourishing plot, where each yield tells a story of passion, patience, and the wonders of sustainable cultivation.

Explore the Garden’s Treasures:

Gherkins: A First-Time Pickling Experience
Honey and beeswax: Gifts from Nature’s Tiny Miracle Workers
Shiitake Mushrooms: A Thriving Fungi Experiment
Rhubarb: A Taste of Tradition and Refreshment
A Potato Harvest to Remember
A Continual Bounty: Veggies Galore
Gode Henrik Måla, Summer Squash and Sunflower Pesto




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